Dec 13

Critical Survival Site

Hello to everyone... sorry for the delay, but your favorite site will be moving to

Critical Survival's shop on 1960 in Houston has closed. The Economy and lack of Supplies over several months from the Spring 2013 until late Summer forced the closing of the store front. However, Will has purchased the sites from the business and will be continuing the Blogs for you now at the link above. The Forums will be hosted on a separate site but will be linked in later. Thank you again for your patience in this transition.


Critical Survival has moved to a new site...


Aug 13

Changes to the Critical Survival Page

Critical Survival has sold the rights to this page to another company.  This page will be in transition along with the Critical Survival Facebook page.


Thank you.

Jun 12


Check out the link above for the latest Thermal Night Vision Weapon Scope by ATN.